Welcome to a new kind of spa


Room + Pillar Spa was created to provide accessible and affordable spa services to the community of Kelowna and its visitors. The spa is a safe space for everyone to experience the salt cave and receive the benefits of dry salt therapy with its warm glowing lights, gentle meditative music and fun environment. We also offer a variety of wellness and self care services, including massage, body polishing, facials, meditation, yoga and sound baths. We pride ourselves on being a child friendly, wheelchair accessible, and all-inclusive establishment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


We know that life is busy and you can't always book a full spa day into your schedule. We offer quick and efficient appointments, including a lunch break salt cave session, so you can get the benefits without spending all of your time.

We also offer full-day experiences for when you do have the time! Book a massage, salt cave session, and a facial by yourself for some alone time, or as a group to recharge with your friends or family.


This business began as a way to provide a unique experience that ignites curiosity and happiness within people in our community. We created a space where people could enjoy the benefits of dry salt therapy, or squeeze in a little self care all while feeling a sense of community at the spa. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to ensuring that this space is accessible for everyone to have the opportunity to experience this unique salt cave and wellness spa.


The staff at Room + Pillar Spa are a talented and caring group of local individuals dedicated to providing you with the most relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Please read more about each member of our team below.

Lisa John


Owner & Designer
Relaxation Massage & Body Polishing

Lindsay is a passionate mom of two who grew up in the Okanagan and is subscribed to always learning new things. She loves to travel with her boys, Roman and Ezechiel, and is also the owner of a sensory design company.

Jane Doe


Reception & Guest Experience
Courtney is a nature enthusiast, animal lover and loving mother of two young boys. She has worked in healthcare for the last ten years caring for seniors in the community. Born and raised in the Okanagan, she loves to go camping, fishing, or hiking with her family.

Jane Doe


Reception & Guest Experience
Joanie moved from Quebec 6 years ago, and now calls Kelowna home. She is interested in wellness, design, sustainability, spirituality, nature and culture. Joanie has education in physical therapy and interior decorating, and loves to spend her time travelling, camping, reading and meditating. 

Jane Doe


Reception & Guest Experience
Born and raised in the Okanagan, Hannah, whose goal is to become an elementary school teacher, loves kids, to read books and spend time camping with her family and friends. Passionate about travelling, she hopes to see more of the world. 

Jane Doe


Relaxation Massage & Facials
Lisa is a long time spa industry professional. She is a mom of a young boy and is passionate about giving her guests the best treatment. Come see Lisa for a beautiful massage and facial combo, you are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and cared for.