A Peace of Dena

A Peace of Dena

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Dena offers guided energy work in our beautiful himalayan salt cave. She uses personal touch to help customers achieve an overall lighter feeling than when they arrived. A gentle system reset is achieved through touch therapy. Her hands-on energy work will work in three steps. First, she will help release any invisible weights you may carry. Dena likes to deal with stuck energy the same way you would a knotted muscle. Starting on the back she’ll work on “knotted” energy to help you release any emotional tension. Second, she wants to fulfil you by bringing in her own energy. Dena will spend time here working on areas she feels intuitively guided to or if she is directly guided by you to a specific area. She wants to replace anything she just helped to clear out with love and balance to leave you feeling more calm and at peace. Third, she wants to help you become more grounded in your own energy. She focuses this time on your feet and hands as these areas are most important for grounding. There are no expectations for the session. Dena wants to meet you where you are already at emotionally and support you exactly there.

1 on 1 Private Session - 45 Minutes - $85.00 + tax
1 on 2 Group Session -  45 Minutes - $130.00 + tax

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